Can you go to a casino if you are 16 in Adelaide?

Casino is a place where many categories of gambling games are offered in a single platform like poker, roulette, blackjack and many other betting games. You can find casino clubs often built near to the hotels, bars, retail shopping places and other tourist attraction spots. Some of the casinos offer the people with the stand up comedies and other live entertainment shows. These casinos acts like an indoor amusement parks for the adults and also they offer many games for kids too.

playing permitted game

Though the gambling has been banned in many countries, but Adelaide government permit the gamblers legally but with some terms and conditions. The playing casino games in 16 age is not permitted to play and it is totally based in the games they play with. The games like lotteries are being sold to the persons who are above 18 and under the age 18 will not be permitted. The playing permitted games in 16 in Adelaide are very low because betting is being banned for the persons who are below 18.

Normal games without betting can be played in Adelaide but the betting games have some rules and regulations to be followed. Some of the rules of casino games in Adelaide are given below:

  • You should start the betting with a fixed amount and you cannot change the amount in the middle of the game.
  • The players cannot quit the game if he started playing and once if he quits he will lose the bet amount.
  • The gambling in 16 in Adelaide is allowed for certain games like poker, roulette, blackjack and so on.
  • The slot machines games are also allowed for the players under 16, because there are more normal games available in the machine that is played based on the age.